Backup Gmail

More than 20 years ago, Hotmail was the preferred mode of communication for most people. However, with advancements in technology and communication modes, Gmail has grown to become one of the most used communication methods over the internet. With more than 450 million users worldwide, Gmail offers numerous benefits to its users. With Gmail, it is easy to send job applications, keep touch with friends and family as well as get numerous high level services. Gmail offers numerous features and can be very resourceful. It comes loaded with keyboard shortcuts, labels, numerous functions as well as a two-step authentication. It also comes with numerous chatting tools, virtual hangouts as well as calling capabilities. When you trust a service with most of your data, it is only natural to want to have a backup plan in case the service fails, and this is not different for Gmail.

Why should you backup Gmail?

Even with the high integration levels in the Google ecosystem, Gmail can at times catch ‘Monday blues’ from time to time. These occasional outages can cripple your activity especially if you solely rely on the service to get work done. When Gmail starts to misbehave, you can lose important data. For this reason, it is advisable to create backups for your Gmail account. There are several ways through which you can back up your Gmail data in case the service falters and deletes your data.There are free desktop programs as well as pre-installed system programs that offer simple ways of backing up Gmail. There are also third party backup programs that can be used.

How to Backup Gmail Using Gmail backup

This is amongst the best solutions when it comes to automatic downloading and saving of emails in readily accessible format by different email clients. This program is available for free and is an open source program. This program comes loaded with tools that help restore the Gmail mailbox in case data is lost or requires migration to other clients.

To use Gmail backup:

  • Download and install the Gmail backup program. After download completes, install the program. This can be done from the Gmail backup download page.
  • Once installed, input your Gmail address, the password and choose a save location for the resulting files. You can use the gray directory button located on the window’s right hand side.
  • Choose the desired emails date range for backup and once done click on the gray backup button to save the changes.
  • Wait for Gmail backup to complete downloading and saving EML files.

After this you will be able to access your saved files form the location you chose.

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