Google backup photos

These days, almost everyone owns a smartphone. There are numerous models in the market today with most of them running the Android operating system. Since Android is a product from Google, it gets to offer its users services from Google including Google chrome browser and Google services. One of the ways Android smartphones are used today is in capturing special moments using the inbuilt cameras. When photos are taken using the phone’s camera, they are automatically stored in the phone’s memory. This means that these photos can easily be lost should the memory card get lost or if the user loses the phone, or worse still it crashes. For this reason, Google came up with the Google photo backup tool which comes as part of the Google+ service. This gives Android users an easy way of ensuring they keep their photos safe.

Google backup photos – How to use the Google photo backup tool

This tool is not exclusive to Android users, but also can also be used by iOS users. It offers users a platform where they can create backups for the photos they take using their mobile devices. Google photo auto backup offers the ability to automatically backup photos on Google+.

On the Android device, it is possible to turn the photo backup tool option on and off from the photo application’s menu button. Here, you will find the settings tab where the auto backup function is available. You can choose to switch it on or off. Once you turn the application on, you can choose the type of images you want backed up and remember to set the backup option only for Wi-Fi connection.

Google backup photos – Disabling the function

A big disadvantage of using Google + photo backup tool is that the photos are saved in the Google cloud. This means that any cloud hacks can place your images in the hands of the wrong people. For this reason, it is important to manage the pictures you backup.

If you use your phone’s camera to take some private photos, it is best to avoid uploading these photos to the Google cloud. To stop backup, simply go to the photo backup tool from your app menu and go to the settings tab. Here, you will find auto backup section where you can choose to stop the backing up of photos. It is also possible to access the photos that were uploaded and delete them if you do not want them to be accessible to other people.

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