Google Chrome Backup

When Chrome is set up for the first time, it will offer you the option to enable Chrome synchronizing. If it does not give you this option, you can still sync via the 3 horizontal lines that are at the navigation bar’s right side then open settings. Under settings, you will notice a “sig in” option at the top. This option enables you to connect your Chrome browser to your Google account. When you do it, the normal default settings and sync will be enables. You can also customize sync settings from the “advanced sync settings” option.

Enabling the settings for sync

You can decide to sync all things that back up your apps, bookmarks, autofill settings, passwords, browsing history, general settings, extensions, open tabs and themes. You also have the option of encrypting passwords with our personal password phrase or Google credentials. If you choose to backup using the password phrase, you will have to use that phrase each time you access Chrome on a different compute. Should you forget the password, you can just reset sync via Google Dashboard and this will keep all the settings intact in your home PC.

Benefits of Google Chrome Backup

When you use Chrome sync it means that if you go to any computer and log into Chrome, the syncing process immediately starts. This is useful especially for your browsing history and bookmarks. If you are a writer who spends most of the time doing online research and save some researches via bookmarks, you will find this feature particularly helpful.

Of course, there are some things that will not sync seamlessly. You will always come across extensions that will give you some trouble. Some of them will even force you to reinstall each time, but overall they are worry and time savers.

When you have Chrome Sync it means that when you use your Chrome for Android to log in to your Google account you will get immediate access to all the bookmarks you have. You will also have access to your PC’s web history.

Chrome backup – making it portable

Chrome sync is amazing as it works well even if you own multiple computers. But what if you are not the only one using Chrome? Will you be able to keep your setting, and what happens if you do not want to keep logging in and out every time? You can deal with these situations by using Chrome sync with the Google Chrome Portable tool.

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