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A few years ago, mobile phones were simply basic devices that were used primarily as communication gadgets for making or receiving voice calls. These phones could not do much else apart from maybe sending messages and showing time. After many years and vast improvements in technology, mobile phones today are smart devices that can be used for a lot of services. With modern day smartphones, it is possible to save data, take photos, share photos and videos, save valuable emails and even documents among many other functions. People depend on their smartphones to get many things done each day. This means that losing the smartphone or any of the data stored in the smartphone can be devastating for the user. For this reason, it is vitally important for smartphone users to back up their Android device data regularly to avoid losing it in case of any eventualities.

Most smartphone vendors also offer platforms where users can back up their data. Thus, in case something happens to the device that causes loss of data, the user can simply go to the storage site and retrieve their data hustle free.

Google Backup Android – Backing Up Android Settings On Google

Google backup Android offers users the ability to save certain settings like bookmarks, wireless network preferences as well as custom dictionary wording to the Google servers using a Google account. To be able to use Google backup Android:

  • Go to the settings tab on Android and then to Personal. Select Back Up and Reset where you find the backup and reset options. Activate backup my data, as well as automatic restore.
  • From the settings tab, go to personal tab then to accounts and sync and choose your Google account.
  • Click to select all the action boxes available to ensure that all data is synced.

Google Backup Android – Backing Up Additional Settings

There are some types of data that are not automatically backed up using the procedure above like MMS/SMS messages, alarms and playlists. For such data type, you can make use of 3rd party software for backup. MyBackup Pro is one of the best software programs to use. This software enables the users to backup data in remote servers or on memory chips and allows scheduling of backups.

Even so, this software is not free and costs $4.99 but comes with a free trial. This is a minimal cost considering all the data you stand to save with this software.

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