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Did you know that there is a way of backing up your pictures to Google+? You can do this by simply turning on the Auto Backup feature. With this feature, you can even backup all the pictures you took with the camera of your mobile device, photos saved on other apps such as Hangouts and WhatsApp, and photos you have downloaded. The best part is that all the photos that have been automatically backed up are private. So, you are the only one who could choose whether to share them or not.

Google Backup Pictures – How to switch auto-backup off and on

From an Android app

  1. Open the app for Photos
  2. Touch or click on this icon  then click on “Settings”
  3. Open “Auto Backup” then switch it off or on depending on what you want.

From a computer and mobile browser If your photos are on a computer and you want to back them up, you can do so via the Google+ Photo App for Chromebooks or via the Auto backup for PC/desktop. It is, however, not possible for you to backup pictures using a mobile browser. Via iOS App Backing up your pictures via an iOS app is also fairly easy.

  1. Open Google+ and click on the menu icon ()
  2. Click to open the gear icon () and at the top right-hand side you will see the option for Photos and Camera.
  3. Switch on the Auto Backup feature.
  4. If a Window pops up prompting you for access to pictures in you device, click “OK”

More information on Auto Backup

You are probably wondering how much it will cost you to backup your pictures. You can backup an unlimited number of pictures (standard sized) without paying a dime. Standard size refers to pictures that have 2048 pixels on the longest edge or less. It can also mean videos that are fifteen minutes long with 1080p resolution. If your Backup settings have been set to “Full Size”, pictures that are bigger than 2048px and videos longer than fifteen and/or have been saves at a higher resolution that 1080p will count against the storage quota for your Google Drive. In other words, you will be required pay a small amount of money should your storage capacity exceed the required size for free storage. There are times when you might even run out of storage because the pictures you want to store are larger than the standard size requirement. You will also have to pay a small price for extra storage.

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