Google cloud print

Google cloud print is Google’s cloud printing solution. Google has come a long way in terms of trying to make it easy for its users to print on the go from their Android devices using the new cloud print app available in Google play. The first iteration you notice on this app is that it is very easy to use, just like the original one. However, it only delivers the barebones of what is to be printed from the tablet or phone. Notably, some key features for advanced users are missing like the ability to share device management features like printers.

How Google Cloud print works

If you have never used cloud print, it is simply a service that enables users to send print jobs from any location to any printer connected to the sender’s Google account as long as there is an internet connection. Sending cloud print docs to PCs and Macs is quite easy since the user only needs Google chrome and a printer. Alternatively, the user can make use of a cloud print enabled printer from companies like Hewlett-Packard or Dell.

To be able to use a printer that is not cloud print enabled, you simply:

  1. Enter ‘chrome settings’ in the chrome address bar.
  2. Click on ‘show advanced settings’ on the page’s bottom end.
  3. Find ‘Google cloud print’ and activate the function.

When Google cloud print was first reviewed a few years ago, it only offered support for printing .DOC and PDF format documents from the Gmail web interface. However, things have since changed and it is now possible to print almost any file format using Google cloud print. This led third party developers to create apps that enable mobile users to print more documents in Google services or web using the cloud printer. For Android devices, the cloud print app by Paulo Fernandes is the most notable 3rd party solution available.

Using the Google cloud print app

Using the Google cloud printing app is quite easy and straightforward. You simply start the application and it will automatically add connected Google accounts on the device. This enables you to see all previous print jobs. Printing within the app can be done by simply tapping on the printer icon. This will cause all apps available for cloud print to be displayed where you choose the file to print. Cloud print has the ability to list apps in the device with printable files like Dropbox, Box, Android gallery app as well as SkyDrive.

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