Google cloud

Google is a search giant that is used by people all over the world. Apart from the powerful search engine, Google also offers a number of different services, and one of these services is the Google cloud service. This service allows users to backup important data in the Google drive. Google offers its users 15GB worth of free storage. This storage space can be used across different Google services like Google+, Gmail and Google drive among other services. For people who do not use other Google services, they can make use of the 15GB storage space for Google cloud drive.

More about Google cloud storage space

While for some people 15GB worth of space is quite a lot, to can get used up pretty fast for other people. This is especially if the user uses Google services extensively as this can drastically reduce the amount of storage space available for the user on the Google drive. For this reas0on, Google rolled out additional free storage space in the Google cloud as a way of attracting more users. However, there are a few exceptions to the additional free storage space. This extra free space is only available for people who use Google servicers extensively. Even so, people who use Google service occasionally have the option of purchasing additional space on the google cloud. The best thing about buying Google cloud space is that Google storage space is actually one of the cheapest cloud storage services available.

How you can get more free Google cloud storage

As mentioned above, it is possible to get additional free storage space on Google cloud. However, to be eligible for this additional free space, you will need one of the following gadgets:

  1. Chromebook – Google will give 100GB worth of storage cloud space to anyone who owns a Chromebook. After the offer has been redeemed, the free cloud storage can be used for only two years before it becomes invalid while it lasts for three years on Chromebook Pixel.
  2. The HTC One M8 – anyone who owns a HTC One M8 phone gets 50GB extra cloud storage space for two years. To get this offer, users have to download the Google drive app to their HTC One M8 phones and login in using their Google account details.
  3. For older HTC phones, users can update the phones to sense 5.5 to be able to redeem 25GB free Google drive storage space.

The free storage space offers keep changing – it is advisable to be on the lookout for new offers.

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