Google storage

Google Drive plays a big role when it comes to Google’s cloud storage services. Google drive now offers users 15GB worth of pooled storage for Gmail inbox, Google+ documents as well as Google drive files for free. If you are looking for higher capacity plans, it is possible to get 100GB storage for $4.99 per month and the rates and storage space can stretch up to $799.99 for 16TB worth of storage space. Google storage drive comes with a browser based interface that is quite familiar to Google docs and Gmail users. It allows easy access to files on the Google drive and also monitor’s recent activity. It is also possible to create Google drive folders on the PC using the downloadable Google drive applet. It also allows the folder to be synchronized across different Macs and PCs. These are great improvements on Google Drive storage seeing that the user interface was not as easy to use a few years ago.

Improvements made on the Google storage drive

Over the last year and a half, Google storage drive has undergone improvements. It is not possible for users to share files within the Google drive folder with just one click. Also, the system tray applet comes loaded with more and improved options than it previously did. Google Drive also comes with easy to navigate options arranged in grid view. This makes it easy to browser through files saved in the drive, more so PowerPoint files, PDFs and even photos.

Features that come with the new Google storage drive

The Google drive apps for mobile phones make it really easy to download files and upload them to the Google storage drive on the PC. You can also view office documents with the app as well as images. The new Google storage drive also allows users to view office documents, PDFs as well as photo and video files even when not using Chrome browser. The latest update allows for previews of images and even videos before launching them.

While Google Docs may not rival Microsoft office when it comes to ease of use of formatting power, it is an amazing tool in terms of structuring documents and presentation. Actually, the document sharing and collaboration feature on Google docs work better than those in Microsoft.

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