Backup contacts to Gmail

There are different reasons that can compel individuals to save contacts on their cell phones devices. Contacts for family, friends and even business contacts can be saved in Android devices for easy communication. Even with improved technology on Android devices, it is possible to lose your contacts from theft, crashes and even accidental deletion. Losing a contact can be stressful as most of the time you will only realize that you no longer have that contact on your device when you need it. To ensure that you can always reach your friends, family or business contacts, it is advisable to create a backup for the contacts. Luckily, Google is the maker of Android operating system and Gmail has a function that allows users to sync their Android contacts with their Gmail accounts.

Backup contacts to Gmail – Is your Android device synced to your Gmail account

To be able to have a backup of your Android contacts, you first need to ensure that your Android devices is synched with your Gmail account. To check whether your Android contacts are synced with Gmail, you simply have to go to your Gmail account and go to the Gmail tab on the upper left corner. There is a drop down list from which you can view your contacts. If your mobile contacts are synced to your Gmail account, they should appear in this list. If they do not, it means that they are not synced with your Gmail account. Here are the steps you should take to back up your mobile contacts to your Gmail account.

Backup contacts to Gmail – the step by step guide

To create a backup for your Android contacts on your Gmail account:

  • Go to the Android device settings tab. This can be found from the app’s list.
  • Scroll through the menu until you find the ‘backup and reset’ tab.
  • Click to mark the checkbox under ‘backup my data’.

This small process will ensure that your Android device contacts are synced and backed up in your Gmail account. This way, you can always retrieve your contacts even after you lose your phone, it gets spoilt or develops issues that cause data loss.

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