Gmail Backup Tool

Gmail has over the years proved to be a reliable tool for quick communication. It can be used for both professional and personal reasons. When using Gmail, one of the many things you will appreciate is the manner in which its mail service makes it easy for you to communicate. When using Gmail, you have the option of downloading additional Gmail Backup Tools available as add-ons/extensions. These tools will definitely improve your Gmail experience and productivity. Take a look at some of those tools.


This is a Gmail Backup Tool that comes in handy when you want to send emails integrated with social media. This add-on enables you to send out emails that have your customized signature. The best part is that you can also integrate that signature to your social media account. It also enables HTML integration as well. As such, all your latest links to guest blogs, Google+ updates and tweets will automatically be included in all the emails you send.


This is also an amazing extension for those using Chrome browser. This tool makes it possible for you to schedule the time an email will be received or sent. If you are the type of person who likes to have an organized inbox, this extension will definitely help you do so. You will be able to archive all messages and even have the important messages reach your inbox at the time when you will be able to read and possibly respond to all of them. Thanks to this tool, you can schedule reminders so that you can always reply to your emails, especially the important ones.


This tool is available to those who use Firefox and Chrome. This tool helps you take all your Google Apps and Gmail under one roof. This makes it much easy for you to manage your inbox in any way you would like to. You will also be able to reduce overload by just focusing on important messages. This tool has features like email prioritization, snooze, deadline tracking juts to mention a few. You can even create folders for your projects and notes for your emails. You can create project folders and create notes for your emails.


This tool is simple but very useful. It enables you to send your emails straight from the Chrome address bar. To successfully do this, type “mail” in the address bar followed by the recipients email address. A new “compose” window will show in the browser.

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