Backup Gmail Data

Nowadays, too much information is sent via email and some of that information could be very important. For example, business reports, password information, university grades, bank statements and so much more. Although most email service providers have their security in check, there is always a possibility that your data could get lost or worse still, be completely wiped out.

Back in 2011, Google confirmed that there were many Gmail users who had lost access to their personal emails temporarily. If you have worries about losing important data in such a manner, you should seriously consider getting a backup plan to backup Gmail data in your account.

Why Gmail data loss happens

-Credentials getting hacked: Nowadays, usernames and passwords of various Gmail accounts are easily unethically hacked. The hackers end up misusing these Gmail accounts. Ultimately, you lose control over your account.

-Accidental deletion: There are times when a Gmail user accidentally deletes important data. This may cause you a lot of trouble especially if the data you had was crucial to a company or business.

-Trojan or virus attacks: Google systems are sometimes attacked by viruses that could cause corruption of files. They in turn make your account inaccessible, even by you. You can get yourself out of that tough situation if you have a backup plan for your Gmail data.

-Other reasons: Assume that all credentials have been fed into your smartphone then you lose your phone. That important information is in the wrong hands and can be used to cause distraction. If your phone was stolen, the information can even be deleted.

Probable causes of Gmail outage

  1. Bugs in the system: If the system has bugs, they can cause internal errors, and these errors can cause disturbance in the system’s configuration. It is all just a matter of having a software bug affect the internal system, and that alone prompts incorrect configuration that leads to data loss.
  2. Blocked key routers: When there is an overload of the key routers caused by heavy data transmission, the routers get blocked. Consequently, the network becomes clogged, and that is when you start experiencing system downtime. This might lead to loss of Gmail data.
  3. Fatigue of infrastructure: There was a time when it was reported that Google’s infrastructure was overloaded. This overload ended up causing Google outage. This ended up generating a concurrent outage chain and users were not able to access their Gmail accounts.

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