Back Up Google Contacts

If you have an Android device and somehow forget your password or lose it, you automatically lose all the important data you have in it including contacts. Since you don’t want that to happen, if you own an Android phone, you should back up Google Contacts. There may come a time when all the information stored in your Android device may get misplaced or worse still, lost.

It is times like those that you would wish that you had another backup option. In light of all this, you should look for other back up options available to you for your contacts. One of the easiest ways of backing up contacts is via a Gmail account. Once all the sensitive information has been backed up to your Gmail account, you will have the freedom to restore it when you want to. So, should you ever lose all the information, you will not have a hard time getting it all back.

Importing your contacts from Android to Gmail

After your Google account has been set on your Android device, always remember to allow the contacts be saved in your mail account. This will enable all the contacts you save in your phone to synchronize as with your Gmail account.

If your contacts are yet to sync with your Gmail account:

  • Click on the menu button then on “Contacts”
  • Locate and go to export/import
  • Export the contacts to the SD card then click on “OK”.
  • Doing this will see your data exported to your memory card. One you have done this, erase/delete all contacts to avoid confusion.
  • Click on “import or export” then select the option for “import from SD card”.
  • Choose the option to save the contacts to your Google account instead of the mobile device.
  • After a few minutes, all your contacts will have been backed up to your Gmail account.

Second alternative to backing up Gmail contacts

You may find it rather tedious to import your contacts to your micro SD card then transfer them to your Gmail account. It can also cause some confusion. The good news is that it is not the only back up option you have for your contacts. There is an option that syncs in your contacts with your Gmail account and you can get the contacts whenever you want. Here is how:

  • If you have no Gmail account, create one
  • Go to the mobile device’s menu tab, then settings and then settings then to sync.
  • Open the option “Google account”
  • Check the “sync contacts” option so that the contacts can saved in your Gmail account.

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