Backing Up Gmail Emails

Gmail currently has millions of users from all over the globe. Most people use their Gmail accounts to store work emails, personal data and other valuable information/data. As such, it is safe to say that there are hundreds of Gmail users who fully depend on Gmail to keep their important data secure. While it is a good thing that many people trust Gmail with their personal information, often they do not bother having a backup plan for Backing Up Gmail Emails. Believe me, you do not want to experience what it is like to have your information lost.

If you have not backed up your Gmail emails yet, you still can. There are various options available depending on your backup needs. Take a look at some options you have for backing up Gmail emails.

Using a script for Backing Up Gmail Emails

When you use a script an as option for backing up your Gmail emails, it automatically downloads the emails. Afterwards, it will create a copy of the emails in your harddisk in any interval you choose. This option is not only easy but also uses very little PC resource.

Using desktop programs

There are many desktop programs you can use to back up your Gmail contacts. A good example is Gmail Backup. This software can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs to back up your Gmail emails and even labels. To be able to use this software program, you will first have to give IMAP access to your Gmail account settings. Using this option as back up allows you to choose the dates you want the back up to take place. The emails get stored in .eml file format. That is how Backing Up Gmail Emails is done.

Using internet backup services

Internet backup services such as Backupify are also good options for backing up your Gmail emails. Backupify not only backs up your Gmail emails but also all personal data from your web services such as Blogger, Facebook, Google Calendar, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa just to mention a few. What is more is that this service is free to use and comes with 2GB worth of free storage that you can use to back up all your emails.

Use email clients

Email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird will also help you download Gmail in POP3. You emails will be locally stored in the email client you choose. Once this is done, you have the option of choosing whether the emails should remain there or have the most important ones copied to the hard drive.

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